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East Bound and Down Returns

by Sean Connelly

Eastbound & Down is a comedic human-interest piece that hooks the viewer in with the main character, Kenny Powers a once great closer in baseball, trying to scratch and claw his way back into the majors. In this the third and final season; Kenny Powers has found a new home, Myrtle Beach. The season premiere of HBO’s series Eastbound & Down aired last Sunday with a bang. Back on the path to the major league

Kenny Powers on the MoundKenny is finding success playing for a double-A baseball team named the Mermen. Although the show does not really focus around Kenny ever playing baseball there is one scene at the beginning that shows us that Kenny Powers can still bring the heat. Baseball, although his number one priority, gets in the way of his true passion though getting high and having sex with anything that moves. Along with his catcher Shane, played by the hilarious Jason Sudekies, Kenny Powers has reached the height of fame in Myrtle Beach. Whether it’s boogie boarding the waves or trying to take pills at his child’s first birthday; Kenny Powers proves that you can take the red off his neck but he will always be a redneck.  With the setting and circumstances of this season I would expect no less than comedy gold from creator, writer, and star Danny McBride. So, grow a mullet grab a Red Dog and start watching one of HBO’s funniest and highest rated shows in years!

Side note: Airing immediately after Eastbound & Down is a new comedy from Ricky Gervais, the creator of The Office, called Life’s Too Short. This show is also worth watching so clear your Sunday nights.

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