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Who is Michael Davies?

Davies is an easy going kid from Norfolk, Massachusetts. He found his love for TV production during his time in high school. He decided to go to Franklin Pierce University because it gave him the best opportunity to pursue his passion for television and he also remembers well.


During his time at Franklin Pierce Television (FPTV), Davies co-created many different types of shows for the campus including a football talk show, a show dedicated to student made projects, and a sitcom about two “Kool Kids” who are borderline retarded. He eventually became station manager of the entire station.

Davies prefers television shows over movies, but mostly likes to listen to music while he does everything. He refuses to enjoy new aged music, so he only listens to songs from 2002 and beyond. Davies hopes to one day work at ESPN or another elite television station. He also wants to continue Kool Kidz and have it broadcasted on a top TV network.

Quick Hits:
Favorite Band: Rush
Favorite Show: Lost
Favorite Brand of Fanny Pack: Lands End


About Project-Landmine

Brought to you by James Connelly, Nicholas Vitukevich, and Michael Davies, Project Landmine is the one spot to get everything up and coming and new. Beats, Flicks, Gaming, Techy World, Humor – you want it, we’ve got it. Revolutionizing this part of the blogging world looking at entertainment with a new perspective, you can easily access reviews and info on new items, get a kick out of our retro reviews and get your daily laugh on with some humor.

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This entry was posted on February 27, 2012 by in About Project Landmine.

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