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The Film Most 16-year old Ryan Reynolds Fans Don’t Know About. Burried.

by Nicholas Vitukevich

Do you think you’d be able to watch a film that holds the same scene for 94 minutes? And, no, I’m not talking about the movie Phone Booth. Even less of a scene change than that, in fact.

Burried, starring Ryan Reynolds, is an independent Spanish film picked up by Liongate, which came out in 2010. Most people probably still haven’t heard of the film that cost less than 2 million dollars to make and grossed in over 20 million in box office sales worldwide.

The concept: for the viewer to create the story in their head. There is one scene, the coffin. The camera does not leave the inside of the buried alive coffin scenario.

The film revolves around truck driver Paul Conory (Reynolds) who is stationed in Iraq driving supplies to troops. His convoy is attacked by insurgents, he is buried alive in a coffin, and the U.S. must pay up to get him out.

The only supplyies Conory has in the coffin with him is a cell phone, some glow sticks, and a cell phone with a dying battery. You make up characters in your head, as aside from Conory you only hear the other characters involved, his loving wife, the neighbor, the boss, the terrorist and so on. It’s a movie based around the active audience member as every person will leave the film with a different perspective on who each character really is.

Conory is racing against both his limited amount of oxygen supply and a dying cell phone battery which he uses for help. Viewers fall in love with the character, as each minute of the film intensity increases with different twists and scenarios.

For fans of film, theater and entertainment, Burried, is a must see as you will leave with a different outlook on how a movie can be approached.

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