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Retro Review: Army Men, Before Gun Games Became a Modern Warfare of Vice City

by Nicholas Vitukevich

Army Men, no, I’m not talking about the plastic shit your parents played with. It was everything your parents imagined and wanted their little green pieces to do, except now in a, what was then considered to be modern, virtual world.

Army Men, the video game, was the best shooting game for the eight year old child in everyone. The series of games, releasing over half a dozen versions for everything from Gameboy Color, Playstation 1, and Xbox, is based on toy soldiers that come to life.

The concept is simple: to have the best army. Everything every 7 and 8 year old boy dreams about. Having a series of different conflicts between green, tan, blue and grey characters, the game concept is simple which leads to its success.

In missions players would try and get the Sergeant to the destined area provided in the map without coming under attack while looking out for strategically placed landmines, dynamite, tanks and enemies.

In multiplayer, players can choose from various maps and do a capture the flag game, setting up the little plastic toys on various parts of their “turf” or territory, to help protect their flag, generally, controlling only one character, the rest being computerized.

Weapons include everything from a riffle, grenades and a fire launcher. Imagine the 8 year old boy in you setting a blaze a little plastic toy, watching it melt, except in a virtual world.

No one should be blown away by this game. In a day in age where war and gun games are a popular theme with games like Call of Duty, Halo and Grand Theft Auto being what most people have grown up with. Simplicity and childhood memories are what is brought out though. It was a time when graphics were just being developed and Army Men is the perfect retro game to bring back for every college guy.

Below is a video of a walk through of Army Men 3D for Playstation 1.

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