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The Wave of the Future: Google Glasses for the Better!

by Sean Connelly

Now my brother James and I have mixed reviews on this subject that you can see on his post but for me I think Leonardo Dicaprio said it the best in Aviator

The future is here and it is now. Google has used their vast amount of capital have created the coolest thing imaginable, Sci-Fi goggles! These are legit the coolest thing since the Iphone, I know that’s not saying much because in the grand scheme of thing Iphones just came out but humor me. I’m pretty sure the goggles that Doc Brown was wearing in Back to the Future: Part 2 were the inspiration for these things. I am pretty skeptical about these though. What makes them so Sci-Fi? Can these goggles augment the reality around us; will I be able to see literally whatever my heart desires? I’m pretty sure it will not. When I watched the promotional commercial for the goggles it looked like they were just a very fancy Bluetooth that you could see. The commercial made it seem like an updated Siri, but less cool because Google is putting the product out so only Google products will be able to be used on it, right? So that means no Facebook because Google has it’s own social media site Google+.  That kind of suck because Google+ is pretty lame and no one uses it, like, at all. No one. So I mean what can this do? I think ideally for this to work out a third party would have to start making these things. Ideally Apple would get their hands on this technology and perfect it as they’ve done time and time again. This is still really cool though and Google’s commercial does not disappoint:

I really can’t wait to see what Google does with these it should be the coolest piece of technology of all time. In saying that though why can’t I shake the idea that when I put these goggles on it’ll look like this?

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