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New Social Network for Couples

by Mat Overdeput

Pair: A Social Network for Two A new iPhone app has taken storm in just two months. Pair, an iPhone app created by: Jamie Murai, Michael Petrov, Oleg Kostour, Anton Krutiansky and Aswinkumar Rajendiran. These five Canadian college programmers released Pair in February 2012, and by the start of April, accumulated a net value of $10 million! Pair is a free downloadable app that allows for private communication between two people. It enables couples to send messages, pictures and videos to each other without their privacy being breached. Even if someone else picks up their iPhone, the app will safeguard their intimacy though username and password.

Pair also allows couples to share their schedules, locations and draw doodles to each other. The unique feature of Pair is that couples may, “thumb-kiss.” Thumb-kiss is when the couple places their thumb on the touch screen of their iPhone, and if their thumb prints are in the same place, the screen will vibrate and the background will turn red. Pair is considered a social network app, but only the couple may view the exchanges between each other. There is some criticism towards Pair. With all the social networking sites, it is already relatively easy to keep in contact with someone. Also, the iPhone allows people to privately have conversations with each other for free (even though Pair is free to download). However, many look at Pair to help maintain long distant relationships, since it makes it so easy to maintain intimacy. The creators of Pair say that their goal was to create a way for couples to emotionally connect with each and maintain closure over any distance.

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One comment on “New Social Network for Couples

  1. howdydoody
    April 12, 2012

    Soooo i can securly sext wit my gyrl? str8. need this yo. You know who else needed this? Brett Favre

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