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Books for Class are so God Damn Expensive

by Michael Davies

As we all know, college is expensive. Students have to pay thousands of dollars for tuition, housing, meal plans, and (most importantly) alcohol. Millions of people across the nation are swarmed by student loans that will haunt them for the next 10-20 years. The last thing professors should be doing is adding to the already ridiculous expenses of a college student.

The solution: Stop buying books for class.

I cannot tell you how much money I have wasted on pointless books during the past four years. Definitely over $1000, maybe more. Nothing infuriates me more than buying a book and only using it in the class once. Thanks for the heads up you stupid troll professor. In one of my 200 level classes, I had to buy five books costing from $15 to $70 each and I barely used any of them. That was the final straw.

Since that class two years ago, I have bought one book (and that is because I used it for my class almost everyday). I have successfully avoided paying for at least 30 books. I just sat close to people who had the book or would rarely throw down some money to share the book. Has it affected my GPA? Not by a single decimal.

Everyone should do what I did, no more books. I don’t care if they are new, used, or rented. STOP BUYING THEM. I probably saved about $500 just from three semesters of avoiding books and had zero consequences. I thought I acquired quite the skill after a while.

When I use to buy books, my friend/co-blogger James Connelly and I even tried to open our own online book-selling company. Sadly, Jimmy and Mickey’s Book Emporium never made it off the ground. Every time we would try to sell our books back on amazon, we would see that our book magically went from $50 to being sold for $0.01. Bogus.

I cannot wait for the day professors realize that college students are broke and cannot afford three books for every class. Books should just be a part of the course fees predetermined before the class. Better yet, no one should read anymore. Our generation doesn’t waste their time reading. We are visual learners anyway.

About Michael Davies

I'm a young boy with a cute face and a can-do attitude!

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