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Project Post Grad TV Shows: Part One

by James Connelly

There is a problem if you are a post-grad or on your way to becoming one and the most intelligent show you have seen was season 3 of Lost there is a major issue I am about to help you with. My brother Sean, who writes for Project Landmine, gives me a hard time for watching TV shows that make me seem smarter then everyone. I argue back with him that watching shows like Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire does not make me smarter then people but rather I enjoy a more sophisticated style of TV. I am not above comedy and I am not a TV snob either. I personally think I have a great taste in Television and I think Two and a Half Men sucks and Reality Television is even worse. There is not one genre of TV a person should be loyal to but being that guy who only watches baseball is not going to be enough so please, let me help.

First off , in Part One, let me ease you into it and let’s talk about comedies. I love Family Guy as much as the next person but there are better comedies  out there for all of us.

EAST BOUND AND DOWN- This show is a favorite among most of the authors of this site. It follows a washed up baseball pitcher who is trying to get his way back to the majors.(Sounds like a Dad of a girl I once dated)  Did I mention he is a womanizing, drug addict, steroid using gym teacher when we meet him in season one. His name, Kenny Powers, a man with a tricked out jet ski called the “Panty Dropper” and who narrates/listens to his own self help tapes. I do not want to give much away but it is the only extremely vulgar show that I enjoy because it is so well written and it is not vulgar for the sake of being so. The show is not a long series the final season just wrapped I suggest you put this show at the top of you list because the humor is even over most frat guys heads.

LIFE’S TOO SHORT- An out of the blue comedy for me and one I picked because The Office is falling out of my heart quicker then Lou Bega fell off the Billboard charts. This is a show featuring little person actor Warwick Davis who has started in such roles as Ewok in Star Wars Return of the Jedi, Professor Flitwick in Harry Potter and who could forget the role of Leprechaun in Leprechaun. Warwick struggles to obtain roles and his life with a great supporting cast, including Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant (Me and fellow writer Mike Davies). The creators obviously have great connections and even in one season stars like Johnny Depp, Liam Neeson and Jon Hamm make cameos on the show. It will be sure to catch your attention especially if you enjoy dry comedy that is not in your face. If you want that I am sure re-runs of Two and a Half Men are still on…..let’s hope not.

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT- A show that has been off the air since 2006 but is still one of the most creative and well written comedies of all time. The show follows a dysfunctional family of one of a kind characters that are all forced back into each others life. The show stars such actors as Jason Batmen, Will Arrnett, David Cross and Michael Cera. The show launched many of these careers and the term “never nude.” It also was popular enough for fans for demanding it come back in movie form and it is doing just that. Mitch Hurwitz has struck a deal for a mini series that will lead into a feature film. So get on board before it makes its big return. The comedy is up to the viewer to pick up on which the actors and creators pride themselves on making it a one of a kind laugh out loud comedy.

Stay updated on the nest installment on 4/20/12

About James Connelly

James Connelly is a College Graduate who plans to pay his loans by becoming a Power Ranger (They have a great benefits program.) After that he plans on marrying Taylor Swift and then breaking her heart just so she will write a song about him.

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