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Five Must Have Gadgets and Toys for the Summer

by Sean Connelly
Summer is approaching fast for all us college kids and some of us are already on summer break! I know it doesn’t feel anything like summer right now but we can only hope it gets warmer and there will be a few beach days in the future! In order to get ready for the summer you have to have the right gear, so here’s a list of hot items you should invest in to have the best summer possible!

1.  The ZBoard

Looking to get around fast but don’t have a car? The Zboard can help you out. This is a motorized skateboard that is perfect to get form place to place in style. Enjoy the sun and look cool without putting fourth much effort. The Zboard is totally motorized and to make it go all you have to do is lean forward. Simple enough right? To stop or slow down, lean back and the shift in pressure will slow down and eventually stop the ZBoard. As the website says the board was, “Born in Hermosa Beach” and I can totally picture cruising down the boardwalk on my ZBoard. The only downside is the ZBoard is about $500, although I don’t think I would ever regret the purchase!

Motorized Weight Sensing Skateboard

2. Eton Rukus Solar Powered Boombox

Are you a green saavy person who also likes to rage? Well have I got a product for you! The Eton Rukus Solar Powered Boombox is relatively new and can run on solar power. The solar panels will charge the Rukus in six hours. If you can’t wait that long all you have to do is plug the AC Adapter into the Rukus and into the wall and it’ll play that way as well. These speakers have Bose quality sound and is a way better alternative than putting your iPhone on and blasting out your one speaker. The only downside is that this is not a real boombox because it doesn’t have a radio. It does however come with a blue tooth link up which you can easily sync your iPhone to the Rukus. So grab a beer sit in the sun and and jam out, or invite people over and rage. Either way you’re being environmentally friendly All you need to do is recycle $150 to Amazon and this Rukus is yours!

Eton Rukus Solar Bluetooth Sound System with Solar Panel

3. Bumper Boats

Which kid didn’t like bumper boats? I’ll tell you, the lame ones. As a child who was not athletic this was the only thing I could beat other kids at. I know you’re probably thinking no one wins bumper boats. WRONG! I went on the bumper boat bone dry and I got off the bumper boat bone dry. Of course that could of been because I sat in the corner and no one tried to squirt water at me…but that’s a story for a different time. Bumper boats have always been cool and now you can own your own pair! Who’s to stop you at a pair though? Buy a fleet of bumper boats if you wish! Now it is recommended you only use the boats in the pool but this is America God Damn It! Take your fleet into the ocean and bump and squirt each other on the high seas! At $99 a piece it’s not the most expensive alternative to reliving your childhood. Luckily for me I hated my childhood so I’ll never buy these! You totally should though, so cool.

Motorized Bumper Floats

4. Grass Flip-Flops

Now I know this really doesn’t fall into the category of gadget or toy but these are very cool! I love walking around barefoot in the summer, it’s very comfortable and shoes just get in the way. With these flip-flops you can walk “barefoot” at all times. This is a good alternative to playing the guessing game bare feet edition. I’m always worried that walking on the grass I’ll step on something like glass. WIth the high quality synthetic grass I can take the guess work out of walking barefoot. This is a cool edition to any wardrobe and I would highly recommend buying them. At $30 it’s a steal!

5.Inflatable Beer Pong Table

The Air Pong Table - The Portable, Inflatable Beer Pong Table

If you’ve ever been to a party in college or been to a party with college age people you know the game. Beer Pong has been played on tables since the game was invented. This toy flips the old idea that beer pong is not a water sport on it’s head. With the inflatable beer pong table you can have a party and be the toast of the town. No longer will you have to choose at a summer barbeque between swimming in the pool or playing beer pong. Just cannon ball in and start playing! And who’s to say you can’t inflate this bad boy at the beach? Blow that sucker up and plat pong with the fishes, maybe you could even beat Aquaman on his home turf! A small price ($63) to pay to be a legend of land and sea.

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One comment on “Five Must Have Gadgets and Toys for the Summer

  1. Nicholas Vitukevich
    June 1, 2012

    ZBoards!! lets goOOOO!

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