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Boston’s EarthFest 2012 was the Bomb!

by Michael Davies

The 19th annual Radio 92.9FM EarthFest did not disappoint after a star-filled lineup performed this past Sunday. The concert was headlined by Third Eye Blind, but also featured popular bands like Eve 6, Spin Doctors, and Switchfoot.

Thousands, and I mean thousands, of people crowded to Boston’s Hatch Shell to see these bands perform. The whole day was filled with classic performances and a lot of free S.W.A.G. Most importantly, there was a lot of music with quick intermissions.

Twin Berlin, winners of the Local Opener competition, performed first and performed their hit song, “Can’t Take, Take, Take.” After that, the late 90’s music took over and brought everyone back to the good old days.

Big crowd at EarthFest 2012

First, Eve 6 played all of their old songs including “Here’s to the Night” and “Inside Out”, but the band also added some of their new music. Immediately after, Switchfoot came out and surprised everyone with their awesome hardcore Christian rock sound. They also played their classics like “Meant to Live” and “This is Your Life”, but mixed in their newer songs like “The Sound.” On a lighter note, the Spin Doctors came out and played all their popular songs off the CD “Pocket Full of Kryptonite”, while the lead singer supplied a lot of jokes in between songs to give all the potheads at the concert something to enjoy. Last, but not least, was Third Eye Blind who played their greatest hits like “Jumper”, “Never Let You Go”, and “Semi-Charmed Life.” They were interesting because their live performances were basically just them jamming on stage for a while with a sweet drum solo. All the bands were available after the concert to sign autographs and meet with fans.

The event was presented by Whole Foods Market, who gave out a lot of free snacks, coupons, and reusable grocery bags. Other sponsors of the event, including MetroPCS, offered baseball fans a chance to meet Red Sox Hall of Famer Jim Rice. He was happy to take photos and was signing free 8″ x 10″ pictures of himself.

Most importantly, the purpose of the concert is to spread awareness of recycling and “going green” and there was a large staff on hand to make sure that everyone was doing their part.

Overall, there was great times, awesome free stuff, and minimal police escorting. The event was well organized and even convinced me to listened to 92.9FM. Anyone who enjoyed these bands will love the radio station just as much. Next year’s bands will have a hard time topping this year’s performances.

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I'm a young boy with a cute face and a can-do attitude!

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