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What to Expect from Mad Men Finale

by James Connelly

Now it has been days since the second to last episode of season five with an ending leaving Don Draper once again feeling flawed. I promise you there is no way I can write this article without spoiling anything from this season so this is for you Mad Men fans all caught up and know what was behind Lane’s office door. That being said let’s breakdown what the season has set in front of us prepping for what is sure to be a very interesting season finale. On Sunday at 10 PM Eastern, Don Draper will be once again be questioning his actions even though the are 100% justified. Sure Dick Whitman has had some flaws like the countless times of being unfaithful to Betty but he has been a good boy so far with Megan. This being said the only way the writers can leave us is with Don once again slipping up in his perfect world and that slip up will come with no one better then Joan Holloway. As fans we have seen the progression of their relationship of the seasons most specifically this one. Fans have always been talking about a potential Joan and Don storyline and the way the writers keep their cards close to the chest this might not be something we see till the end of the episode. The final straw for Don will be Megan getting a role (she might have to work a little extra for it) and realizing that Joan has been and always will be by his side will sway his actions. Besides Sally and Mrs. Whitman EDIT (the original Mrs. Draper) their has been no other main character that Don has protected more then Joan.
Side note: Please address Don choking out that women at then beginning of the season!

Going back to Lane. How does SCDP handle the loss? The move on and the move on quickly. Thought Don feels bad lets not forget his speech he gave to Dow Chemical. Don is ready for HIS firm to get the big names. Moving on includes exploiting Pete Campbell’s small minded clients. Pete thinks slow and steady will get SDCP to the top while Don is entitled to this big accounts. Even while Lane tried to kill himself in his new car the tagline might as well have read “Jaguar the car that can’t even help you kill yourself.” Don is over it and as big of a deal it was for him to write the letter attacking the tabacco industry it made him and innovator and trail blazer leaving the dying tabacco industry. It is time for a car, airline, alcohol and Dow Chemical.

Women of Mad Men

It seems last weeks episode but the bitchy Betty storyline to sleep and the only predications I can serve for Betty Francis is that she looses the weight and asks for her second divorce realizing Henry is less than necessary in her life. Sally on the other hand I am sure is in for some strange storyline for season six. I mean every viewer last week graphically saw little Sally Draper get her first period.

There is no reason for Peggy to come back yet and leaving her out of this episode would be the best decision. She is not vital to any choices for the company or even Don. Sorry Peg but there is always next season.

Random Thoughts and Hopes for the Finale.

-Ken Cosgrove finally knocks Pete down a few. Ken truly has not been into the job lately but he is a great talker. He goes as far as saying he does not even want to become a partner. Ken also lost Peggy who we may not even see in the final episode. Creative Ken might want to move on from SCDP and if he does he better take Campbell with him.

– A great ending with the perfect song that will make us all feel okay that it will be months until we see the office of SCDP again.

– Rodger DO NOT bring up your LSD experiment again. WE GET IT you did drugs.

About James Connelly

James Connelly is a College Graduate who plans to pay his loans by becoming a Power Ranger (They have a great benefits program.) After that he plans on marrying Taylor Swift and then breaking her heart just so she will write a song about him.

2 comments on “What to Expect from Mad Men Finale

  1. madmenfan
    June 10, 2012

    Well said. I still think that there could a funeral scene for Lane and that’s what might bring Don and Joan together, but I’m not sold on it. It might work because they will both be feeling alone and be looking for support. Joan is more vulnerable than ever after sleeping with the Jaguar exec and in the process of divorce, and Don is likely going to be feeling that way too after with Megan going to Boston for her theater production. And Don probably feeling a bit guilty for Lane’s suicide after the fact, although it clearly wasn’t his fault and he was right on for letting Lane go. Can’t wait to see what happens!

  2. Kerry
    June 10, 2012

    My only problem is that you say “Mrs. Whitman”, even though there never was one. Anna was the first Mrs. Draper.

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