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Some Project-Landmine news

We’ve got exciting news to share with you,

Due to our the large amount of support from our fans and the overwhelming amount of traffic the Project has been getting consistently we are excited to announce that starting next Monday, June 25, the Project will be offering daily updates from here on out.

New content, every day. No more wondering when we’ll post and why we haven’t.

The Project will be updated for your convenience and viewing pleasure everyday at 11:00 a.m.

Additionally, due to the large amount of success in his first two articles including Cal Hockley: The Tragic Hero of Titanic Jim Vinson will join our staff of authors that include Andrew Barker, Lizzie Davies and Sean Connelly.  It is the dedication of these authors that have helped made it possible to go daily.

Always original, never duplicated, we will be bringing you the best speculation, insight, review and humor around.

We’re collaborating and working on a lot of new stuff behind the scenes that we’ll be bringing to you shortly so stick around.

And be sure to Like us on the Book and Cherp at us over at Twitter.

In the mean time, always be sure to check it.


The Project

About Project-Landmine

Brought to you by James Connelly, Nicholas Vitukevich, and Michael Davies, Project Landmine is the one spot to get everything up and coming and new. Beats, Flicks, Gaming, Techy World, Humor – you want it, we’ve got it. Revolutionizing this part of the blogging world looking at entertainment with a new perspective, you can easily access reviews and info on new items, get a kick out of our retro reviews and get your daily laugh on with some humor.

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This entry was posted on June 20, 2012 by in About Project Landmine.

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