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Perfect Games for a Rainy Day

by Michael Davies

Summer is the time of year to kick back, relax outside, play sports, and work on those tans. Unfortunately, I live in New England and I am use to sitting in on boring rainy days. While people around the country were playing wiffleball and volleyball, I was stuck inside watching the Price is Right.

Well I have had enough! No more TV show reruns, no more stalking people on Facebook, and no more video games. Here is a list of my favorite games to play during a rainy summer day and none of them even require electricity! (Important: Friends are required. If you don’t have friends, that may explain why you are reading this right now.)

Board Games

Monopoly – If you are looking to kill half a day, play this game. Monopoly is a classic game and is ideally best with 4-5 players. The key to actually enjoying this game is to make trades immediately and always place $500 into the “free parking” space. I guarantee that every game closet has at least one version of Monopoly in it. I still find myself only playing the Simpson’s version.

Clue – Another game that requires you to pay attention. If you stop listening for a minute, you could miss an important hint! I always viewed Clue as a more mature game, and its surprisingly fun!

The Game of Life – This is the funnest board game to play – hands down. The game can be played by a wide variety of ages and is a game of chance. The best part about Life is that you get to spin the cool number wheel instead of rolling dice. Make sure you don’t have pets around while you’re playing. There are so many small pierce that can be om nommed. NOTE: My favorite memory of this game is when my straight uncle chose to marry Ricky Martin – he didn’t take the game seriously.

Loaded Questions – Pure hilariousness. A person reads a question, everyone writes down their answer and you have to guess who said what. Everyone is encouraged to be inappropriate.

Dice/Card Games

Uno – All this game requires is for you to know four colors and the numbers 1-9. If you don’t say “Uno!” when you have one card left, be ready for everyone you’re playing with to yell at you and demand you to take extra cards.

War – This is a last resort game. The rules are easy to remember: put down and random card and the highest one wins. So grab a 52-card deck, find someone to play with, and be bored for hours. I’ve played games of war that lasted up to four hours.

Farkle – Pretty much like Yahtzee, but with a better points system. First to 10,000 points wins – it’s that simple. I get annoyed with it sometimes because there is a nonstop sound of dice rolling.

Go Fish – Do you have any 5’s? Go fish. Do you have any 3’s? Go fish. Do you have any 8’s? Yes, here you go. Boom, game in a nutshell.

Skip-Bo – Uno for the intelligent. A lot of strategy goes into this card game. The goal is to get rid of your card pile (usually 10-20 cards, whatever you decide). Its a game I’d recommend for older kids, even teenagers.

Solitaire – Are you forever alone? I got you covered with this one. Stop starring at a computer screen and play the game in real life!

Other Games

MASH – Want to give yourself outrageous predictions for your future? Play this gem and write down hilarious things for each category. I usually write down people’s ex-girlfriends and make them work at Neverland Ranch.

Hide and Seek/Tag – You can’t play this game inside! Wait, there are no parents home? GAME ON. Run as fast as you can, use furniture as obstacles, use your socks to slide around turns on the hardwood floors, and then stop playing when something breaks.

Any Drinking Game! – There is never anything wrong with day drinking… Just put on a MTV2 marathon and make up your own rules!

About Michael Davies

I'm a young boy with a cute face and a can-do attitude!

One comment on “Perfect Games for a Rainy Day

  1. Anonymous
    June 24, 2012

    How did Tetris not make this list? Also I love Skip Bo!

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