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Can Microsoft Just Give Up?

by Sean Connelly

It’s been about seven years since the first iPhone was created and revolutionized not only cellphone technology but our lives in general. Since that time the iPod Touch, and the iPad have been created. All three of these products have been updated several times in their lifespans and each time they have gotten more advanced technologically, and easier for the average consumer to use. The invention of these products reinvented the way we learn, work, and entertain ourselves. The iPad is by far one of the hottest items on any marketplace today, and for good reason. The iPad is a portable DVD player but you don’t need the DVDs, it’s a web-browser that doesn’t have the weight of a laptop or the modem of a PC, it’s a boombox for a party. The iPad, and the rest of the Apple smart devices are able to do this as well just on a smaller screen. This makes me wonder, will these items be some of the greatest inventions of all time?

Since the creation of these items, and every other item of note in the history of the world for that matter, there have been imitators and innovators. The imitators, like Microsoft and Motorola, have made some money back but will never be as popular as the iPhone. They always put out commercials that say something along the lines of, it’s better than the iPhone or it’s comparable to the iPhone. These ads are usually not true because so much of our entertainment needs depends on Apple products (iTunes). Since these devices are not compatible with iTunes it’s a hassle to get your media onto your smartphone. This hassle has driven many consumers into the arms of Apple just for the sheer convenience of it all.

So I will ask you, the loyal readers, should Microsoft just give up in this race and focus on something else?

The answer for the iPad?

I focus on Microsoft because they have recently tried so hard to not only emulate but almost blatantly copy Apple products. Microsoft newest tablet is a just a total ripoff of the iPad, I mean every tablet is nowadays but this one is just and iPad with the Microsoft logo on the middle button. The only difference between the two products is that the Microsoft tablet (Surface) runs on Microsoft technology so, as everyone knows it freezes and crashes like there’s no tomorrow.

If you don’t believe me you can ask Steve Sinofsky, the head honcho over at Microsoft.

The brilliance that is Apple technology

The fact that Microsoft cannot even produce a flawless product to demonstrate to their potential costumers is a scary though because the mass product they produce will always be worse than the demo product. It’s been a known fact for years though that the Windows/Microsoft product has never run smoothly. It is estimated that PC and Microsoft software repairs cost three times more than Apple products annually. The stark difference  in repair cost is an easy indicator that a Apple product, although more expensive initially, will cost less over time. (Side Note: products only seem more expensive, comparable Microsoft products are usually more expensive) In today’s economic downturn, thanks Obamacare,  it just make sense to spend the money upfront initially so you won’t have to spend a bunch of money in repairs.

The smartphone was pioneered by Apple and for that reason, they have almost perfected  smart technology. Microsoft scrambled to emulate them after they created their products because not even in Microsoft’s wildest dreams could they have come out with a product like that! The fact that Microsoft is constantly scrambling to compete with the Apple technology and not setting a pace is also a bad thing. When a product is rushed, it usually will not turn out the way you had planned. Many people around the world enjoy Microsoft products, they have a market of millions upon millions. This makes it easy to market to them, instead they choose to rush a product that no one will buy. Their Microsoft phone for example has sold less than one-hundred million units.

“Yo dawg I heard you like to drop calls while your phone crashes so we put windows in your phone so you can crash while you drop.”

The iPhone sold one hundred million units in the first few hours it was released. Apple markets better and sets the trends before Microsoft even gets up in the morning.

The ease in which the consumer can use the product also heavily leans in Apple’s favor. When a costumer turns on any Apple product it is ready for use immediately. Most Microsoft products take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to set up properly. The consumer friendliness that is Apple has definitely helped them gain more costumers in the technology race.

So I pose the question again, should Microsoft give up? I mean they can still have the Microsoft Office Suite if they want but come on they just cannot keep trying to compete with Apple for supremacy. Apple is the king.

P.S. I have an android phone, but I have a Apple computer so take what you will from that.

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3 comments on “Can Microsoft Just Give Up?

  1. Darren
    June 26, 2012

    Yeah Apple is great, just not at building PCs. Microsoft/IBM dominate that realm that you totally ignore. The only thing a Mac is good for is editing film and video. If you want to do anything else they are near useless. PC gaming is dominated by Windows, not the Mac OS. If I want a phone to tell me what to do I’ll be sure to get an i-phone, otherwise I’ll gladly take my Samsung phone that doesn’t tell me what to do, because I don’t need a phone telling me what to do. I suppose Microsoft should be criticized for copying the Ipad, but then we might as well be critical of anyone who coped the idea of the wheel.

    • Sean Connelly
      June 26, 2012

      In fairness windows makes an okay product, just not with smart technology. I have a Mac and I’m a communications major so it’s very useful to have one, I disagree about the gaming though because I have both portals on my computer and a few other games (my favorite being team fortress 2) and they run incredibly smooth with high resolution graphics. All I’m saying is leave the smart technology to the people who pioneered and near perfected it at this point.

  2. Obvious Winner
    June 26, 2012

    linux for your PC
    linux for your phone (android)
    linux 4 life

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