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Why Haven’t I Heard of Pepsi Spice?

by Jim Vinson

I have often found myself drinking Pepsi and wishing, “wow I wish this had some spice to it.” I had tried adding everything; chili powder, black pepper, Tabasco sauce but nothing seemed to work. Little did I know, the answer to my prayers was already lurking out there. That answer was Pepsi Holiday Spice. It has only been on the market for 16 weeks. This includes an 8 week period over the holiday seasons of 2004 and 2006.

Here is my review. Pepsi Holiday Spice offers all the same refreshing enjoyment as your other Pepsi varieties, but with an extra kick of cinnamon. It is a great seasonal drink. Pepsi Spice will go well with all your other fall favorites. Overall, I would say Pepsi Spice is a very solid product (granted I have never actually tried Pepsi Spice). So why would Pepsi discontinue such a promising product.

Unfortunately, Pepsi Spice had a dark secret. A secret discovered by one exceptional man named Brian Redban. Mr. Redban stumbled upon Pepsi’s “indiscretion” through his love of Pepsi and product reviews. He embarked on a journey; a journey for 45 days in which he drank nothing but Pepsi Spice. The results were frightening.

It started off with a little weight gain. Okay, no surprises there. Weight gain is bound to happen when drinking nothing but soda. Then things took a turn. Mr. Redban’s saliva turned acidic, he began breaking out, and his heart rate increased (but that could have been from the cocaine he was doing). Mr. Redban always remained vigilant. He continued on with complete dedication. Then, his tongue blistered and the pores in his armpits clogged. Not to mention the extreme diarrhea. Mr. Redban even feared having sexual intercourse with his significant other out of fear of what he might discharge. Regrettably, Mr. Redban’s symptoms were never actually confirmed.

So, Pepsi Holiday Spice quickly became one of Pepsi’s best kept secrets; joining the ranks with Pepsi Mojito, Pepsi Fire, Pepsi Max Cease Fire, Pepsi Dry, and Salty Watermelon Pepsi (yes, those all actually existed). So, I would like to give a tip of the hat to Mr. Redban. Powerful Brian Redban; your sacrifices will not go unnoticed.

“Pepsi Spice Project” December 2004. June 19, 2012.

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