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Pizza Planet Truck Helps Solve Pixar Timeline

by James Connelly

Before the truck breaks down

The idea that fans of the multimillion dollar company Pixar have is that the universe has a time traveling aspect or in some cases universe jumping character. That character would be the famous Pizza Planet Truck. The truck, which first appeared in Toy Story, has appeared in every Pixar film since.

Now it is safe to say all of the characters do not share the same universe. I mean when a car is talking in Cars it is not hard to understand that Mike and Sully are in another universe in Monsters Inc. But does it have to do with different universe’s or time travel. Could a timeline be brought up for when the Pixar movies take place? I argue yes.

Now without seeing Brave the timeline of the films seem to start with Up. In the film an aerial shot is shown of the Pizza Planet truck with a different look then every other film it appears in (sans Cars.) It seems to be an older looking style of the truck we are all used to seeing. On top of that observation the truck is seen in the most pristine shape in this movie then any other movie it is seen in the Pixar Universe.

Next we find Buzz and Woody finding a ride to Pizza Planet in Toy Story. Where better to find a ride then in the restaurants delivery truck.  Here is where people may disagree with me. The truck on the timeline next appears in Toy Story 3 a flashback is shown where Lots-O, Big Baby and Chuckles get abandoned and also have to find a ride. During this film it is understood Lots-O is a toy that had its peak in the 1980’s. Now I get it, Woody had his heyday long before Andy but by the time Lots-o is seen after the flashback he looks much older and has a hard time getting around. This is long enough from the point we originally meet the truck but must happen before the tuck is waiting at the airport in Toy Story 2.

After the time in the Toy Story franchise it seems the truck makes a trip abroad driving through Paris, France in Ratatouille and is even more visible right by 42 wallaby Way, Sydney during Finding Nemo. Here is where it seems to get interesting. After returning back it could be argued that it appears briefly in the Incredibles during the big fight in the city. This has not been proven 100% but fits perfectly in the timeline.

After the truck is thrown around it is very beat up and needs some work. The work never comes for the fan favorite truck though. The truck sits in the same position starting in Pixar’s second big budget film A Bug’s Life here we find the Pizza Planet truck parked next to a trailer home with no movement. In Monsters Inc. we find the same trailer when Randell’s silhouette is seen scaring a child. The truck is still sitting in the same postion when we get to Wall-E. It seems like some work has been done on the it but nothing could fix the handy delivery truck.

Final resting spot.

In both Cars the truck appears as the rest of the cars and it is living. I choose to forget about this part of Pixar because these are the two worst movies that Pixar has ever made. They were so bad Dreamworks got excited it might be their time to shine.  The truck seems like it will continue to appear as an easter egg in every Pixar film. Of course there are so many easter eggs in any Pixar film this is one that will always have a special place.

About James Connelly

James Connelly is a College Graduate who plans to pay his loans by becoming a Power Ranger (They have a great benefits program.) After that he plans on marrying Taylor Swift and then breaking her heart just so she will write a song about him.

3 comments on “Pizza Planet Truck Helps Solve Pixar Timeline

  1. Shayne Grier
    July 5, 2012

    I liked your theory until the last paragraph, and then you gave up. I’m not buying that you think Cars and Cars 2 are the worst Pixar movies. You just didn’t know how to work the Pizza Truck into your theory or didn’t want to try. That’s lazy!

    Using your theory as a basis, you have the most logical solution to your Cars dilemma. Cars and Cars 2 are set several hundred years after Wall-E on a newly created Earth. An Earth in which Cars have been fitted like robots with AI that has developed to the point of mirroring the human mind.

  2. TheZebulonian
    July 5, 2012

    Ok so… The truck is actually not in the incredibles, Director Brad Bird made it a point to not have the truck in the film, he just did not want it, the film takes place in a very super hero 60’s anyway so if one of the animators managed to sneak a stylized version of the truck in, it would be first on the timeline. Also the Toy story time line is the same as the films release, so 1995, 1999, and 2010 if Lotso was lost at the height of his popularity then it would have preceded the first toy story. Up features a small GPS device that would bot have been commercially available until the late nineties and even then would have been way too expensive to give to a wilderness scout. Sorry sir, your timeline… she is broken.

    • James Connelly
      July 6, 2012

      So Bird has said this but there is speculation that it does fly in the big climax fight scene which takes place in modern times not the 60’s, that is when the film starts. You are 100% about the Toy Story timeline BUT the Pizza Planet truck scene in Toy Story 3 may have in the universe been around the time Buzz was in his popularity. And during Up…Carl is over 80 sooo.

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