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How Canada Deals with Domestic Violence

By Jim Vinson

It’s well known Canada has always lacked class.  Whether they are rioting after their hockey team loses or booing our National Anthem, there indecency is always front and center.  Now, I would like to bring attention to their lack of problem solving skills.  One problem Canada is facing is domestic violence.  I know what you’re thinking, Canadian men don’t physically mature.  Why can’t women defend themselves?  I thought the same thing.  Apparently the women up there just take it on the chin (pun intended) and it is no surprise those Dudley Doright police aren’t stopping any domestic crimes.  So, Canada came out with a new way to combat domestic violence; public Service Announcements shown on television in which women are brutally beaten by men in public places.  Stick to french fries and gravy Canada.  Leave the real problems to America.  Just sit up there in your log cabins and thank God (or whoever Canadians pray to; maple leaves, Wayne Gretzky, I don’t know) that the U.S. is beneath you because if we weren’t, you’d be speaking Arabic by now.

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