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Emma Stone: Hollywood’s Most Valuable Actor

Stone’s first movie, Superbad

by Sean Connelly
Since her appearance in Judd Apatow’s Superbad Emma Stone has had a stranglehold on Hollywood and has not plans of letting go for a while. In the five years since “Superbad” Stone has completed eleven movies, and has two more movies being released in 2013 so, in six years, she will have done thirteen movies. In recent memory I cannot remember an actor who was in such high demand. I say actor because I mean both man and woman, Stone is able to tower above all other actors. Why is she so successful, though? What makes her have the ability to join a movie and turn it into a blockbuster?

Stone at Comic-Con

It’s quite simple really, she has the looks and the charm to be the best actress and one of the greatest actors of all time. The fact that Hollywood finally has a skinny redhead as a leading lady says a lot about Hollywood in general. Stone does not have the conventional good looks (blonde hair, blue eyes, nice sweater yams) but is widely considered one of the most beautiful woman in Hollywood (I second that notion) and some would even go as far to say, the world. Many people site her green eyes as the proof pf her beauty. I tend to agree those are some great eyes! Another reason she has been so successful in Hollywood is her personality and charm. Stone is just a genuinely funny and sweet person. She frequently appears on talk shows promoting her vast amount of movies and always is a ball of energy. Her energy isn’t the reason why I watch her on the shows though, it’s her wit. Stone is one of the funniest people in h=Hollywood, in my opinion, because of her dry wit. Some comedic actors need to use physical comedy or crude comedy to get by in Hollywood. Stone picks movies with well written humor because she, in fact, knows how to put together a funny story herself. This knowledge of comedy has lead her to lead roles in Superbad, Zombie Land, Easy A, and Crazy, Stupid, Love. All of these comedic roles were perfect for her and she absolutely stole the movie away from the males leads.

Stone as Skeeter in The Help

Stone also has an enormous range and can play anything from a ditzy, love-crazed ghost (Ghosts of Girlfriends Past) or she can play a tormented young girl who finds a true friendship with an author in his fifties (Paper Man). This sort of range led her to the movie, The Help, which was one of the most critically acclaimed movies of the year in 2011. This critical acclaim brought a legitimacy to Stone’s already polished acting career. While Stone is still young (23) she seems like she has been acting for 30 or 40 years already. If we take a look at her body of work she has roles that actor who have been in the business for 30 or 40 years envy.

Stone and Garfield as Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker

With Stone scorching up the charts she has no plans of stopping. Stone is appearing in one of this summer’s two huge blockbusters, The Amazing Spiderman. Stone plays the lovely Gwen Stacy and stars opposite Andrew Garfield. Stone is also set to play Grace Faraday in the star studded movie, Gangster Squad. If Stone can continue to pick these  roles she, in about five years, will be the greatest actor of our time.

P.S. I only wrote this so I could look at pictures of Emma Stone without my Mom telling me I’m weird.

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